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Chaos Worlds is a 2D, Zelda-style MMORPG. It is currently in the "BETA" stage. An MMORPG is pretty much this, you take a player-made character… And play him… And kill things… And earn money… And get items… And become epic! Click HERE for more info on MMORPGs (Wikipedia) Chaos Worlds is proudly made using the XtremeWorlds engine. View Outdoors-Only Newb Map

Chaos Worlds is a "casual" MMORPG, which means people play to socialize, not to compete. The game is not intended to be fun, just entertaining. Please try to play at least when you have nothing better to do, and other times, too. (Sorry about the pun)


Long ago, In the country of Ibisa, the peaceful Kurisiki people lived peacefully. Then, the evil Kubashka warriors came, destroyed everything, and all-around acted like the stormtroopers from The SpaceBalls. Since then, 3,000 years have passed, and the Kurisiki people are leading a resistance to destroy the Kubashka. You, as one of their new recruits, must train and learn the ways of the Kurisiki peoples, then lead an army to destroy… The Kubashka.

(Or, you can just run around, kill stuff, make money, and otherwise entertain yourself.)

System Requirements

We recommend that you have a nice gaming PC, but even an old one out of a junk heap will be enough. If the installer gives you trouble, then try the ZIP Archive version. We are not quite sure what the bear minimum is, but the game plays well on the following configuration:

  • CPU: AMD Athlon 4 Mobile @ 500 MHz with Cool & Quiet enabled
  • OS: Windows XP Professional SP2 in "Performance" Mode
  • RAM: 128 Megabytes
  • Page File: 2 Gigabytes
  • HDD: 30 Gigabytes with 1 Gigabyte free
  • Video: Generic Integrated @ 1024 x 786
  • Sound: Generic Integrated 8-bit stereo
  • Networking: Broadband through encrypted WI-FI
  • Software: Direct X 8 & .NET Framework 2.0

(This configuration is also known as a Compaq Evo N115 Notebook, plus a Linksys WI-FI card)

General system requirements for XtremeWorlds can be found Here.

Linux users should be able to run the zip version of Chaos Worlds using a properly configured copy of WINE. Mac users WILL be able to run ANY version of Chaos Worlds by throwing their computer away and buying a proper PC. (Or installing Windows)


So far there are 7 versions:


Of these, only is avalible. If you want to find out more, decipher the version numbers, Example: = XtremeWorlds Version 1.0 RC4, Chaos Worlds Version 7… In the most current version, we have upgraded to XW 1.0 RC4.4!

NOTE: You will have to update fairly frequently until we have perfected the package. (finding just the right combinations of sprites, tiles & sounds is hard!) After that, updates will be uncommon!


  • Nick mapping making items and shops
  • Will mapping
  • Erl
  • Brandon
  • Josh
  • Daniel
  • Stephen for the Excellent GUI

And above all, Bradyok, for his amazing software and friendly tech support!

How Can I help?

You can help out the most by donating. Donations are accepted at a minimum of $5.00, and a maximum of $250.00. Donors must have free PayPal and Sourceforge accounts. If you are too cheap to donate, than you can email us to ask how else you can help. If you donate Please contact an in game GM or Administrator and you will see why.

Legal Stuff

Player Rights & Responsibilities
(contains sections from works by Raph Koster and Jacob Hallen)

NOTE: This game is not copyrighted by us, but some parts may bear copyright from XtremeWorlds or any of several resource providers. DO NOT Mirror our downloads without first asking, but it is O.K. to give the client to a friend. This game does not bear DRM or any other copy protection/prevention, because we like fair use & free speech. We do not use Punkbuster or any other cheating prevention systems, we trust our players. We loathe the very thought of pleasing the RIAA, they are evil buttholes.


  • DO NOT SWEAR we are strict of this rule we don‘t want feelings hurt.
  • Be nice, but kill other players at will…
  • Don’t say it's stupid, or you'll get yelled at.
  • Stupidity is rewarded with Jailing and/or Banning or your account.
  • We own the IP rights to your character, but we might give them away if you ask nicely…
  • Help out if you can!

Contact Us

To contact us, email us at:

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