Crimson Warrior: The Dark Antigotist

NOTICE! Project = Dead Sorry!

Hello! This is the page for the new 3D game, Crimson Warrior: The Dark Antagonist, which is in its early development stage. The title may not be the greatest idea ever, but you should have heard our other ideas! This new game will be a fast-paced adventure game made with Reality Factory Studio. It features a FPS-style gameplay with RPG elements, an adventurous setting, online mulitplayer, and more! This new game has Quake-Style 3D graphics powered by the amazing Genesis 3D engine. We will post screenshots as soon as we have more/better maps. If you have any suggestions, post them on the forums!

UPDATE: We are currently making HUGE changes, we have decided to add certain things, in a few months it should be in early beta, we are close to play-able, but we still need to make some changes to the engine and things, thanks for your time if your waiting for this one!


Chaos worlds:mapper dude and idea dude
Crimson Warrior:Programmer and concept art/design

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