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Welcome the the Sprintersoft official wiki. Do to the uber coolness of wikis, we are now using one! It is obviously still under construction…

P.S. Help out if you can! (Everyone's Welcome)

Chaos Worlds, our current primary project, is a 2D, Zelda-style MMORPG. It is currently under development.You can download the game below!

We have added a World Map for Chaos Worlds. Note that it is a very simple map showing only the outdoor sections of the newbie areas. The entire world is small, but not that small…

If you happen to be both alive & visiting the site (which is highly unlikely) then please go out of your way to post on our forums. </sarcasim>

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Click to Download Chaos Worlds

NOTE: You will need to change the Server IP to: dylanwinn.is-a-geek.net

Ok guys, we know we haven't added much to the game lately, but that is all going to change, I will be working on the game with as much time as I can spare so please play!

-Nick mapper dude and idea dude

Ok good news, Increased the XP rates for quests and added a new quest! Now go play our game!

-Nick mapper dude and idea dude

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